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Purview is a software platform for building a modern frontline operation. These components work together in a cohesive deployment.
The composite parts of a modern frontline operation:
Fast and intuitive frontline workflows that capture rich data.

Purview is built around frontline workflows. Workflows can range from a simple morning checklist, to a complex end-of-week sales reconciliation, to a social-style video story.

In fact, many operators start with simple workflows and add complexity and media over time - as they modernize their operation.

Most importantly, workflows are fast and intuitive for employees to complete.

Apps for employees to use on the job.

Apps are used to complete workflows, and also for a range of other interactions that can help employees - looking up important documents, tracking KPIs, connecting to devices, and more.

A Purview deployment comes with apps, so you don’t have to build anything. However, unlike an app that you install from an app store, you can customize Purview apps to meet the needs of your operation. That means Purview apps feel like custom software, but without the headaches for operators.

Data Dashboards
Graph-based data backend for flexible reporting

All of your operations data in Purview is stored in a unified data backend. That means you can create advanced dashboards for frontline operations - both within Purview and in your organization's other business intelligence (BI) systems.

Infrastructure for implementing complex SOPs.

Many parts of an operation need to be automated - scheduling workflows, sending notifications, running integrations, etc. These are part of Purview's rich automations toolkit.

In many software systems, automations require complex configuration. Purview makes them simple, by providing high level building blocks.

Extend Purview with hyper-specific industry features

Add-ons provide an interface for extending core Purview features. Most of the digital work in a frontline operation is common across industries - workflows, collecting media & rich data, issues, etc. But most industries also have some special niche needs.

At Purview, our team is constantly building new add-ons for different use cases and industries.

(In fact, if you have an idea for an add-on, we’d love to hear from you!)

Modernize your operation with Purview.

Our solutions architects can strategize with you about how to leverage frontline software at your business.