The best way to manage multi-unit operations. Automatically.
We help multi-unit operators scale their brand and operational standards with ease by realizing the potential of their frontline.
What you can do with Purview
Easily maintain your brand and operational standards
Drive Consistency
Automated Check-Ins with your frontline give you 100% certainty that "things are the way they are supposed to be" and that you find out the same day when issues arise in the field.
Execute Faster
Rolling out a new initiative or change to your locations? Anyone on the corporate team can add a one-time question to the automated Check-In's, letting you see which stores are confirming the change is made and which have an issue.
Reduce Overhead
District and regional managers get instant visibility into the status of their locations, allowing them to prioritize store visits and confidently manage more locations than before.
Smoother Multi-unit Operations
Software designed for managing multi-unit operations at scale
Address issues faster with daily Check-Ins for instant visibility into your locations
Purview sends a simple Check-In to each one of your locations, letting a frontline worker quickly affirm what's working and note what's not
Maintain your specific operational standards with our customizable template
From simple Yes/No questions to photo captures, temperature checks, and inventory counts, easily customize the standards that keep all your locations running smoothly
Get a deeper understanding of your business with Purview Analytics
View current issues across your organization, analyze data and trends by location over time, add/edit locations and managers, build new Check-Ins, and more
Piloting Purview is Free and Easy
Software designed for managing multi-unit operations at scale
Customize Check-In Questions
We’ll work with your team to understand brand standards and areas of concern, review existing check lists, apply best practices from our work with other brands, and develop your custom Check-In
Select Pilot Locations and Start Date
We suggest selecting two locations to start. Purview contacts every store’s frontline via E-mail or Slack with a one-click link to complete the Check-In. Pilots typically require 1 week of prep time and run for 2-4 weeks
Distribute Purview Pilot Overview
We provide a simple document to share with GMs that includes all relevant details, including Purview contact info if they have any issues
Pilot Launch
We work closely with your team to launch and monitor the pilot to ensure 100% satisfaction and success