Power Up Your Frontline
Tech-forward brands use Purview to drive frontline performance.
What’s that mean?
If you have 100+ frontline employees relying on paper checklists, but you know there should be a better way... take 10 minutes and give Purview a try.
What’s your biggest frontline challenge?
Quality Control
HQ develops wonderful standards, but you know they aren’t being brought to life consistently each day.
Purview provides “Just-in-Time” training content for rich line checks that ensure even new employees do your brand proud.
Process Execution
You’ve figured out the right way to run your operation, but the steps aren’t followed each day.
Use Purview to confirm operational processes, capture images of completed items / forms, and highlight any issues or execution gaps.
Data Capture
Your frontline knows things, but they aren’t sitting at a desk in Salesforce or Excel.
Use Purview to capture rich, structured data from frontline team members.
Purview works for any frontline team
Food Service
Replace your manager checklists and temperature logs with a modern app.
Standards are everything. Get your front desk and clean teams operating flawlessly.
Waste Management
Use Purview for safety checks and per-load Check-Ins.
What can you do with Purview?
Rapid Response
When you get a negative social review, dispatch it to your frontline to find out what happened.
High Fidelity Line Checks
Make sure even new employees know what right looks like.
Complex standards? No sweat.
Flexible templates have you covered. 💪
Frontline KPI Reports
HQ and managers get weekly reports on the frontline KPIs that matter most.
Ask Complex Questions
Frontline ops are complex. Use Purview to get the data you need with ease.
Issue Management
We open and close issues automatically based on frontline results.
That’s a lot, right? That’s the point.
Purview was built to be the most flexible software for the frontline. Frontline ops are complex, and most modern businesses need more than simple checklists.
Easy Setup and Deployment. It just works.
You can try out purview with no installation or integrations. Use a preconfigured template, add some emails, and it just works.
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