Pilot Program for Operators
Zero cost. Zero risk. Game-changing potential.
It’s easy to start small. Purview provides both day one ROI and the foundation for long term competitive advantage as you take advantage of all the platform has to offer.
Our team will help you set up a 60 day pilot to digitize key aspects of your operation at no cost and with no commitment.
Pilot process overview:
1. Solution Brainstorm Call
This introductory call is not a sales pitch. A Purview solutions architect asks you questions to understand your operation, key pain points, and high impact opportunities. You do not need to prepare anything for this call.
1B. Calls with Additional Stakeholders (optional)
We can provide a link to send to anyone in your organizations who you think we should hear from. As we schedule meeting, we’ll include you as optional on the invite(s). This is a great way to get other folks invested in success without having to repeat yourself. 😉
2. Dropbox Dump
We send you a private dropbox link. You upload anything you think is relevant to the pilot: current paper forms, audit reports, training material, contact lists, hilarious customer complaints, etc.
3. Preview and Feedback
We walk you through a sample app for your pilot, then collect your feedback and answers to questions our team had in the process of creating it. You can always edit workflows and app screens later.
4. Kickoff!
Pilot starts and a sixty day trial period begins.
5. Weekly Touchbase Calls
We send an invite for a quick recurring call to check in, answer questions, and make adjustments based on feedback.
6. Mid-Pilot Readout
We provide a simple summary presentation with progress and activity for your review and for you to share internally with other stakeholders.
7. Go / No Go
You decide if you want to continue using Purview or simply move on. No hard feelings.