All-weather workflows via QR code posters
An NYSE-listed logistics operator uses Purview to instrument load lifecycles and future-proof a unique, capital efficient business model.
Purview’s flexible apps and blocks allow organizations to digitize bespoke workflows.
Purview’s flexible apps and blocks allow organizations to digitize bespoke workflows.
All-weather workflows via QR code posters
Organizations increasing rely on third parties for important aspects of their operation. For many, this has been a limited factor in adopting digital tools. What device? Who is the user? Do they need an account?
Purview allows you to make an app accessible in the web browser of any mobile device, without prior account creation or special permissions, by scanning a QR code poster that may be placed on location.
Reduce training costs
Make enhanced training content accessible within the workflow so even new team members can understand how each item should look and taste.
Dynamic workflows without expensive integrations
Sync workflow schedules with a Google sheet to easily create process steps based on your internal ops team tracking sheets. This makes it easy to get started without requiring IT resources.
Automations and triggers
Configure additional workflows to be created when one has been completed to digitize any process.
Legacy system integration
By maintaining a robust data model automatically, Purview makes it easy to configure outputs and integrations in any format. It’s not unusual for customers to require both modern API integrations for newer services in their infrastruction, direct data lake or data warehouse integration for BI tools, and legacy connectivity for accounting proceses. Purview supports them all.
ROI Vector
Process Instrumentation
Modernize your operation with Purview.

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